Protect Yourself From Annoying Mosquitoes And Flies — Without Using Harmful Chemicals…

5 Days Ago | Jason Oliver

Summary: Every year there are thousands of different outbreaks of diseases which are carried by mosquitoes and these little bloodsuckers are generally just a huge annoyance to put up with. This brand new invention uses UV light to attract insects and its integrated vacuum to suck them into it once they’re close enough. It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants to keep their house and garden free from annoying insects.

I hate mosquitoes! The bites. The buzzing. Scratches. Swelling.

They ruin my summers every year…

When I think of fun summer activities like camping, enjoying family meals on the terrace, BBQ with friends, I get anxiety and itchiness just thinking about those mosquitoes. I’m like a magnet for those animals. Every summer I would be covered with dozens of red welts and have terrible swelling. Not to mention the itch!

I tried everything. DEET sprays, lotions, those anti-bug candles,…

NOTHING proved to be 100% effective.

Those special bug repellent candles and sprays smell awful. Some even contain toxic chemicals. These are so unhealthy that some have been BANNED in many countries. Mosquitoes are also evolving and becoming RESILIENT to the poisons and repellents. The worst part? The sprays didn’t even work when my granddaughter used them! I feel so sorry for the poor child.

I thought I would never be able to get rid of the sleepless summer nights and painful itchness. But then I was sent this new bug zapper to test and review.We hate them!

Until now we’ve used sprays, candles and creams to keep them away. But none of these ‘anti-mosquito’ solutions actually protect for more than 19mins!

Solutions containing ‘DEET‘ – a hazardous, damaging chemical which can be both harmful to us and the environment – works best, but still only for 45mins maximum…

Now there is a new genius way to end mosquitos pestering you ever again – without using any chemicals at all…

What are we talking about?

It’s called Moskinator Pro. Designed by two German engineers who were fed up with being bitten whilst camping. They found that the traditional anti-pest devices were all either using harmful chemicals or didn’t work!

So, they designed this genius device:

It’s perfect for clearing your home of all annoying and dangerous flying pests!

It’s stylish, easy to control and it can clear your home of dirty flies and dangerous mosquitos!

People are using them to live ‘mosquito free’ – the results are incredible…

How does it work?

The design of Moskinator Pro is both innovative and very effective.

Instead of trying to keep the mosquitos away, it actually attracts them, then catches and kills them!

It lures the flies and mosquitos near using a safe, completely harmless UV phototaxis thermotaxis inducing light – translation: The flying pests can’t resist it!

Next to the UV-PT light is a powerful, yet efficient reverse fan that sucks the insects through a 1-way trapdoor.

Once trapped in the drying basket they are dried to death by the fan a matter of 2mins. (They die without moisture.)

No mosquitos = No bites for you!

We were surprised by how easy it is to set up;

Plug in – and away you go!

No need for batteries or any chemicals. Almost silent when operating.


Key Moskinator Pro Features, Facts, and Benefits:

✅ Safe For Pets And Children – The device works on a low voltage, making it safe to use. It doesn’t make dogs or cats nervous.

✅ Very Portable – The device is small enough to carry with you while camping or in your luggage when you are taking a flight. If you want to use it while camping, a simple USB powerbank is all you need to enjoy a full night of usage.

✅ No Chemicals – It does not use any chemicals like DEET. This means less exposure to toxicity, no greasy feel and no smells. Perfect for people sensitive to skin allergy or pregnant ladies.

✅ Easy To Clean – Cleaning is fast and easy.

✅ Also kills other annoying insects – Flies can be really annoying inside the house. Moskinator Pro will quickly trap them so they can’t bug you anymore.


Does Moskinator Pro Really Work In Real Life?

We had some of our staff try it out in their homes. The results speak for themselves:

“We get a LOT of flies and mosquitoes in the warm months. It means you can’t sit outside in the evenings without being eaten alive and your food is crawling with dirty flies.

We used to use citronella candles. They did work a bit, the problem is these candles burnout after 15mins and the kids hate the strong smell of them.

Now we set up our Moskinator Pro nearby when we eat outside in the evening. The results are amazing – no flies, no mosquitos bothering us. We can finally enjoy outside eating again!”

Conclusion: Is Moskinator Pro really worth it?

In short, YES! It really attracts and traps flies and mosquitos. Our staff tested it and loved it. The standout features for our reviewers were:


  • No hazardous chemicals or smelly scents
  • Very quiet
  • Doesn’t require recharging or replacing parts
  • Easy to use
  • Looks stylish and modern
  • Lightweight and portable (just needs a USB battery source)
  • Low energy use


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon.

How to Get A Moskinator Pro?

Now that you are aware of this amazing new anti-pest device, and if it’s still in stock, here is how to get one:

  1. We recommend ordering a genuine Moskinator Pro for cheapest from the supplier’s website by clicking here.
  2. It is so Simple!

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